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While your in between rehearsal, class, and running around trying to look presentable in your sweats, aka “Dancer swag,” this is the place to take a breather.

Full Out, No Marking is a blog and online recourse specifically geared to dancers in college dance programs, whether you are just starting out as a baby freshmen or about to head into the dance world as a big senior, this is the spot for YOU. No, this blog is not about “How to do the 50 pirouettes like Sophia Lucia” or “How to master those Fosse jazz hands.” However, this is a place simply to inspire, strive for one’s full potential, to discuss timely topics and to receive advice on what one goes through in their four years of college dance before heading out into the real world.

In my Junior Year at Salve Regina University I participate in the college dance program and the professional dance company, Extensions Dance Company. I have had my fair share of those long tech weeks, interesting ACDFA concerts, achy muscles after dance intensives, Post-Modern debates and most importantly the question “How the heck are you going to use dance after college?” Well, I’m in for the ride actually I’m in for the full class, because it’s time to stop marking and to discuss how to go full out while your dancing in college.


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