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Whitney Trope Taking Leaps for Dancer Body Image

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Lets face it,

the world is cruel when it comes to body image, but dancers have it on a different level. From the beginning back when Balanchine brought the stick thin image of a ballerina from Russia, dancers have felt the pressures of body image. Yet in 2013, dance has developed into much more then a strict ballerina figure. However, the question is, has it completely changed?

In my eyes, yes it has. This Self-Proclaimed “Fat Girl,” has become a viral sensation through Buzzfeed, proving size does not matter as a dancer. Diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and gaining 200 pounds, Whitney Trope is all about the “No Body Shame Campaign.”

Growing up in the dance world with what I would like to call a “strong” body, it surrounds you every second. The image that Balanchine created still remains, but if one has a love and passion why give up something you love to do?

This is the world in which we live in. Dancers should live a healthy lifestyle from daily workouts and healthy food, but not every one contains the genes to be stick thin. As dancers, we constantly train which you build muscle, essentially making you a strong dancer. But, when it comes to going into the real world, it is all about how you brand yourself as a dancer. No, someone who is considered “plus size” won’t make it into the New York City Ballet, but branding yourself into other aspects of the art is possible. Body image  is a topic that seems will never go away for dancers, however those dancers breaking the barrier: the applause goes to you.

Whitney, I am in with you on the “No Body Shame Campaign” because as you can tell from this video, it doesn’t matter what size you are you can still “WERK.” 



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