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The Double is Possible

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Double. No, not a double pirouette. I mean a double major.  Seems pretty scary huh? 

Well, fear not because it IS possible. This is the last thing one wants to think about, but it’s a route many dance majors seem to take. Dance is our passion, but sometimes one might have an interest in another field. One might want to combine the two degrees in their future or even just have their other degree in their back pocket  dance bag.

Being apart of a dance program can already be full of endless hours with no free time, but where is that time to add another major? Here’s a few tips on how to do both:

Pick a major that compliments your dance major. Some majors, such as, nursing and biology, max your number of credits making both completely impossible. Your college advisors are here to help. So, make a meeting and figure out which major is possible to co exist with dance!

It is all about your time management. Carrying around an agenda book helps keep track of your busy schedule. Try a mini size agenda book, that will fit perfectly between your books water bottle and ballet shoes! This will help you be aware of your free time, even though it’s extremely minimum. That fifteen minute apple break between rehearsals is the perfect time to get a bit of work done!

Finally, remember that thing our bodies naturally do? Oh yeah, it’s called breathing. Running around from class to rehearsal can be overwhelming, so find a quiet place whether it’s the dance studio or the quiet floor in the campus library, and use these helpful breathing exercises  that Dance Spirit suggests.



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