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The Shock: Competition to College

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When a dancer goes from the competition to college, it is a whole new world. You think WOAH, where exactly am I?

Where are my kicks? What do you mean a piece is not 2 min and 30 seconds? Where are my five fuette turns into a triple into an illusion? Where are my weekends filled with high platinum’s and special awards? Where is my solo, duet, trio, and seven group dances?

 Personally, I feel every competition dancer feels this way as they enter college. Yet, as time goes on all these questions soon become erased. College is where you develop your artistic ability, learn about the great dance historians that developed codified techniques, overall where you learn who you are as a dancer inside and out.

Coming to Salve Regina University, all I thought that existed in the world of dance was “the better tricks, the better dancer,” however there is WAY more too it. I would put the “way” in about 500x size font if I could. In my Junior year, I can say I know the background of dance (the duty as a dancer), the kinesiology, who I am as a dancer and choreographer, but most of all I know myself as a person. I have an artistic style, and I am proud of it.

I have been surrounded by CRAY talented choreographers and dancers in the concert world. Yet, most of these dancers come from a competition background. With all the negativity that surrounds competitions, I wonder, are competitions what give some of the great concert dancers the foundations to be great? 


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