A blog for college dancers


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Full Out, No Marking is a blog and online recourse specifically geared to dancers in college dance programs. Simply to inspire, strive to one’s full potential, discuss timely topics and to get advice on what one goes through in their four years of college dance before heading out into the real world. Whether it is from discussing various dance genres or how to get through those 7 hours days this is the place for any dancers because YOU are not alone.


In my Junior Year at Salve Regina University, I participate in the college dance program and the professional dance company, Extensions Dance Company. Trained in all genres from a young age, I am would you call “competition dancer gone college dance.” While my time here, I have morphed into my own unique individual style my peers would define as “fierce contemporary.”

Since strong in the new sexy, I believe in the term “healthy dance,” as that is what I consider myself. I have an over whelming passion for the art that continues to grow day by day. Presenting my work in numerous showcases and the American Dance Festival of the Arts, I continue to find a true calling for choreography.


 Being a college dancer can be extremely stressful so welcome to the place where you can sit back, put some muscle rub on, and relax!


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