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Five Essential Items for Tech Week

Every dancer has a love/hate relationship with a certain week of the year: tech week.

Tech week leaves you not just psychically, but mentally exhausted. It is full of long hours, dress rehearsals, busy days with no hours to yourself, and puffy eyes from the combination of too much make up and no sleep. However, this all leads up to the greatest reward of all: multiple shows that display all the hard work of you and your fellow dancers. Hence, it is essential to stock up on certain items to keep you sane during a week that seems to never end.


Here’s five items you will not want to forget:

1. Muscle Rub

You can buy this product at any aid store, and believe me it can do wonders. When you run a show day and in and day out, it can leave achy muscles no matter how much stretching you may do beforehand. Rubbing this on certain sore areas,  adds an additional support system to your main muscles when you are dancing.


Water is a great way to hydrate your system, but it is important to have one of these beverages on hand. As dancers, we lose electrolytes due to numerous intense athletic dance pieces in a row. Powerade and Gatorade replaces these electrolytes lost, and gives you the energy to get through your other dance pieces!

3. Body Rollers

 You know when you lay in bed at the end of a long tech day and your whole body aches? Well, body rollers are here to help. This tool helps relieve and loosen tension muscles in your body. As you roll out, it is important that you breath, relax, and let go!

4. Tennis Balls

Dancers play tennis  dance on the stage.While rollers release tension in large sections of the body, tennis balls are for specific areas, a trigger-point release. Putting pressure with a tennis ball over the sore point can soften knots in your back,chest, hamstrings, feet, etc.

5. Candy

Yes, you can eat candy. Shocking right? Eating healthy during this week is extremely important, but splurging on a bit of candy is not a bad thing. The sugar will give you that extra boost you will need in between shows and also works as a de-stresser.

Obviously, there are many more items that you may need during this grueling week, but these specific items will help not just help during the week, but the aftermath you will be faced with. So, find time during breaks to grab your body roller, keep hydrated, and eat a few sour patch kids!


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Whitney Trope Taking Leaps for Dancer Body Image

Lets face it,

the world is cruel when it comes to body image, but dancers have it on a different level. From the beginning back when Balanchine brought the stick thin image of a ballerina from Russia, dancers have felt the pressures of body image. Yet in 2013, dance has developed into much more then a strict ballerina figure. However, the question is, has it completely changed?

In my eyes, yes it has. This Self-Proclaimed “Fat Girl,” has become a viral sensation through Buzzfeed, proving size does not matter as a dancer. Diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and gaining 200 pounds, Whitney Trope is all about the “No Body Shame Campaign.”

Growing up in the dance world with what I would like to call a “strong” body, it surrounds you every second. The image that Balanchine created still remains, but if one has a love and passion why give up something you love to do?

This is the world in which we live in. Dancers should live a healthy lifestyle from daily workouts and healthy food, but not every one contains the genes to be stick thin. As dancers, we constantly train which you build muscle, essentially making you a strong dancer. But, when it comes to going into the real world, it is all about how you brand yourself as a dancer. No, someone who is considered “plus size” won’t make it into the New York City Ballet, but branding yourself into other aspects of the art is possible. Body image  is a topic that seems will never go away for dancers, however those dancers breaking the barrier: the applause goes to you.

Whitney, I am in with you on the “No Body Shame Campaign” because as you can tell from this video, it doesn’t matter what size you are you can still “WERK.” 


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Why, Hello There!

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While your in between rehearsal, class, and running around trying to look presentable in your sweats, aka “Dancer swag,” this is the place to take a breather.

Full Out, No Marking is a blog and online recourse specifically geared to dancers in college dance programs, whether you are just starting out as a baby freshmen or about to head into the dance world as a big senior, this is the spot for YOU. No, this blog is not about “How to do the 50 pirouettes like Sophia Lucia” or “How to master those Fosse jazz hands.” However, this is a place simply to inspire, strive for one’s full potential, to discuss timely topics and to receive advice on what one goes through in their four years of college dance before heading out into the real world.

In my Junior Year at Salve Regina University I participate in the college dance program and the professional dance company, Extensions Dance Company. I have had my fair share of those long tech weeks, interesting ACDFA concerts, achy muscles after dance intensives, Post-Modern debates and most importantly the question “How the heck are you going to use dance after college?” Well, I’m in for the ride actually I’m in for the full class, because it’s time to stop marking and to discuss how to go full out while your dancing in college.