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Improv: Be Prepared to be Inspired

Oh, the beauty of improv.

If you told me to improv before college I would look at your think okay “i’ll throw in a turn, a kick, and some more tricks.” Even better, some contact improv? I would look at you like you had three heads.

If you ask me about improv now? I probably jump leap for joy inside. It’s the act that allows a dancer to go to another place. A place where you cannot even think while it’s happening, and that is the beauty of it. But isn’t that was dancing is truly about? Letting our body and mind go wherever in space? Exactly.

Some competition studios may not be doing it right, but The Club Dance Studio sure is. Competitions are full of choreographed pieces, well these two talented dancers just threw themselves on stage and improved a duet. May sound like a total train wreck, right? Well, in this case this improved duet is probably better then any choreographed duet I have ever witnessed. It is true inspiration.