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The Intense In Summer Intensive

You know that moment?

That moment when you are dancing more than 8 hours a day and ‘BOOM’ summer sneaks up on you out of no where? You are suddenly wondering, what do I do now?

It seems impossible as a dancer to go through months without dancing. Well, that is exactly what summer intensives are for. Sometimes these programs only last a week or up too 6 weeks, but one thing is certain: the friends made, the opportunities presented, and the overall growth not just as a dancer, but a person will remain with you forever.

Being accepted and participating in the 3 week Urbanity Dance Summer Intensive program was amazing. Actually, no words can even describe it. The eight hour days consisting of ballet, contemporary, guest artists, and rehearsal not only pushed myself physically, but mentally, in ways that I didn’t even know I could be pushed.  Although, my body would be shouting at me “NO STOP,” I found myself stronger and more confidence as each day passed.

The leaders of the intensive, Betsi Graves and Kat Pantos, created a light of positivity cascading the studio day by day.  It was a environment of growth surrounded by fellow dancers. Although, we all came from different places, we shared one thing in common: our passion for dance. As an intensive comes to an end, the feeling is indescribable. You feel proud and accomplished that “yes, you did this.” Oh, and did I mention I could hold a plank for 8 minutes by the end? Yup, EIGHT minutes. 

So, wondering what you should be doing this summer? Well, the answer to that questions seems pretty easy now, huh? While many intensives are quite expensive, it is completely worth the money. Look for scholarships.Cut down on the coffee everyday for the extra cash. Do whatever it takes because it is a life changing experience for a dancer. Even after the vigorous hours each day with intense blood  sweat, and even maybe some tears, you will realize it was the best decision of your summer.