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Technique and Texting

This generation likes  LOVES texting.

No, really? This statement is obviously a given. But, did you ever think texting was affecting your technique? Well, you might want to take a second thought the next time you pull out your IPhone to text.

Shout out to Melissa Schrock who posted “Is Texting Bad for Your Technique?” with the Dance Magazine blog, for bringing up a topic that seems so out of the ordinary. But, guess what? It DOES affect your technique. 

Listen up because as dancers, our technique is everything. We practice to obtain stronger technique. We strive for that ideal perfect dancer. This day to day habit may be hard to break, but you may want to think it over.

“A recent study at Hong Kong Polytechnic University looked at how the use of smartphones impacts our bodies. Researchers surveyed 1,049 people ages 10 to 50 and found that a startling 70 percent of adults and 30 percent of children suffered musculoskeletal symptoms as a result of their technology use,” Schrock explains.

Strong technique means perfect alignment. That slouching over reading that oh so important text? Most likely, it is affecting your alinement.Do you find  your professor  constantly giving corrections from “lengthen your spine” to “lift  your chin up?” Well, you guessed it. Texting could be the answer.

My solution? There is no doubt we are “generation smartphone.” It seems almost impossible to completely get rid of texting from our lives. It’s simple, try being aware of slouching while you’re texting. Regular people are most likely “okay”  living with the aliment issues due to texting, but as dancers are not. This is our everything, our career, and our overall strive for the perfect technique.